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Welcome to the Neverwiki - your source for community-driven Neverball/Neverputt information!

Questions, suggestions?

Have a look at the FAQ:

If you have a specific question or suggestion or if you have a bug to report, check out the following:

TODO lists are in the form of tickets in the NeverTrac.

Here is an old Neverputt TODO list:

What does the game look like?

To see how the game is looking, take a gander at the screenshots page of the official site, or the following ones:

To see some crazy fast runs, speedy coin collecting, and crazy/skillful freestyle runs, visit this site:

Here you can find more information about Neverball features and related projects:

Want to contribute?

There are several ways to contribute: level designing, music composing, graphics, sounds, translations, documentation… You can play with Neverball content, try to add your own, and feel free to visit the forum and ask for help if you need it.

Mapping / Level Creation

Here resides the information you need in order to create/edit levels in Neverball: Step by step instructions to get you started, and a wealth of editing tips and tools.

Translation: Neverball in your Language

  • Have a look at the official guidelines here

Official content is not enough?

Here you can find more stuff to enjoy Neverball.

Neverball / Neverputt (en) - The Official Neverball Website - Download binaries and source here.

Nevertable (en) - High Score table for Best Times/Best Coins/Freestyle replays.

Neverforum (en) - Discussion Forum for all things Neverball- & Neverputt-related

the Linux Game Tome Neverball page (en)

Neverball on Jeux (fr)

Review on Acid-play (en)

Special thanks to...

rlk for his original mapping documentation merged here,

gillux for his howto about level creation,

canuck who has shown me DokuWiki,

Mehdi (alias mym) for level editing experience,

and all other contributors to the NeverWiki ;-)

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